“That Voight-Kampf test of yours. Have you ever tried to take that test yourself?” – Rachael

1 # Design Strategist and Consultant

2 # Transmedia Storyteller & Producer / Marketeer & Cultural Architect.

Mission # Using design and systems thinking for the betterment of humanity.
Method # Using the best research and strategies for development and open innovation.
Experience # Government and Institutional consulting, entrepreneurship and volunteering.

Main Skill #
Getting things done, with real world knowledge in project management, logistics, procurement and negotiation skills.
Secondary Skill #
Connecting people to content, using visual communication, interaction design, mediating technologies and storytelling to create meaningful experiences.
Traits #

A storyteller who is not constrained by media or format. Well traveled and with a wide range of hobbies and interests. A good dose of luck, fortitude and attitude.